How to get a nice girl

One reason why nice girls finish last is that they tend to be submissive to their guy. When the girl is submissive, the spark in the relationship dies out for the guy. When a guy is always the one controlling the relationship and making all the decisions, there will come a point wherein he’ll get tired of it and will seek a way out of the relationship.

When Girls Let Their Guy Take Them For Granted

This may be the biggest obstacle that nice women face, they can be too forgiving. In an effort to make the relationship work, most nice girls are willing to turn a blind eye to their guy’s shortcomings. Short of being a martyr, they are always ready to forgive whatever mistake their guy commits.

This can have a disastrous consequence, for guys who end up dating girls like these end up to be jerks who keep on making the same mistakes over and over again, breaking their girls’ heart repeatedly in the process.

Nice girls finish last, but in reality this need not be the case. Being a nice girl doesn’t mean that you let yourself be taken advantage of, you just have to realize that you are a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need to settle for any guy who shows interest in you. Don’t forget to always put yourself first. Love yourself, and ultimately you’ll meet a guy who will love and respect you just the way you are.

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